Roulette: World’s Famous Odds Game


Roulette is among the group of casino games that do not necessarily require experience, skillfulness or a specific strategy. Actually, the success in Roulette depends entirely on luck. It is by far one of the trendiest and exhilarating gambling adventures, played by almost all players from across the globe and contributes to a large chunk of profit returns for all world casinos.

Describe as the world’s famous odds game, Roulette has its origins from France, similar to its name- which when translated into English means "small wheel". The first version was designed by Blaise Pascal in the seventeenth century, when a blend of multiple English and Italian gaming activities led to the advent of the roulette wheel. Its present version has been on the cards since 1796. After that, in the mid 18th century, the German government banned gaming and the Blancs, responsible for introducing the single 0 version, opted to relocate to Monte Carlo. Henceforth, the roulette started to thrive and expanded across Europe and the US in the nineteenth century and subsequently subjugated the world.

The roulette comprises of a wheel that is positioned on a table and consists of 37 or 38 (American layout) colored pockets. These pockets stand for 36 red or black-colored numbers as well as a green-colored 0 number. The American roulette contains the double-zero which is referred to as house edge. The house edge is essentially the benefit of the casino over the player with regards to odds or the amount lost by a player for any placed bet.

The American version is the trendier one and is available in most casinos across the world while the French version is popular in Monte Carlo. The game happens in the ensuing manner: the dealer rotates the wheel in a single direction whereas the ball in the reverse direction. Eventually, the ball falls into any of the pockets, establishing the winning color or number. Bets are placed prior to launching of the ball into action and are placed on a winning color or several color combinations, the winning number or multiple numbers. There are several types of bets on hand like inside bets which includes split, straight, street, six line, corner, basket, trio and top line whereas outside bets comprise of black or red, odd or even, 1- 18, 19-36, dozen, column as well as snake bets.

Arguably one of the most popular and fun casino games, the roulette guarantees the ultimate betting rush, which consists of a blend of thrill, drive, anticipation and winning sensation.

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