Do Online Casino Bonuses Benefit Regular Players?



Getting the best out of your online casino can be tricky, especially if you try to be loyal to just one. The best casino bonuses always seem to be tailored to the newer player, in the form of welcome bonuses and no deposit promotions, which are great when you first start out but after time, you’ll find yourself coming up against a brick wall. Thankfully, there always seems to be a new casino or SEO casino campaign which directs bargain hunters towards deals which they are eligible for.


It’s a common fact that most casino players swap between sites and that’s why review sites are so popular and need to be updated regularly. Many dedicated gamblers and casino players rely on sites such as this one to ensure they are getting the best bonuses and opportunities out there. It’s worth taking a closer look at the general casino bonus offers available to understand which benefit new players and which really are designed to benefit the regular players out there.


First Time/Welcome Deposit Bonus


As mentioned, the majority of casinos offer competitive welcome or first time deposit bonuses to get members in through their doors. The extra cash available varies from casino to casino and usually come in the form of a percentage of cash figure. Casino Titan for example offers a $3000 welcome package for new members and a 400% welcome bonus on your first deposit and this is just one of the many generous examples found at the hundreds of casino sites across the web. Some gamers set their own minimum expected from a casino and only play casinos which offer deposits high enough to meet their standards. A regular player can benefit from this promotion on the basis that they’re not bothered about sticking to one casino and happy to switch between different brands.


No Deposit Casino Bonus


This incentive draws in even the least likely of casino gamers. The chance to play with bonus cash before even depositing a dime is a sure fire way of ensuring members sign up. Of course, whether they stick around after the free cash is done is another story but these bonuses are a great way of getting members signing up and experiencing what’s great about casino X in comparison to casino Y. When online casinos first began, some of the no deposit bonuses were huge, reaching into the thousands but these days site owners are savvier. Now, most online casinos offer around $10 in free gaming for players, offering them a chance at some risk-free fun. Very few casino players could turn that down. This is a great way for regular casino players to play through some bonus offers and find a casino which totally suits their tastes.


Veteran Players’ Bonus


There are specifically designed bonuses for players who are in it for the long term. They may not be as well advertised or sensationalized but they definitely exist. Any reputable casino will have its own loyalty or VIP scheme which rewards regular players for making deposits and playing through their cash. These schemes are usually tiered to ensure the most prolific players are recompensed for their loyalty. This recompense could be in bonus cash, free spins or exclusive entry to mega jackpot games. Most casinos also reward players when making deposits with reload bonuses. These are usually lower than the welcome bonuses offered but usually hover around the 50% mark and when it’s all free you can’t really complain.


Will Casino Hopping Always be the Way?


For the foreseeable future, the best way to get the most out of your casino gaming experience is to hop between the huge range of casinos out there. Sites such as this are designed to show gamers exactly how they can get the best bonuses on offer. No casino company can afford to offer the same welcome bonus to members once they’ve been playing a few weeks, months or years as it would leave them profitless but they can offer reload bonuses and ensure the most loyal players are rewarded for this trait.

If you prefer sticking to just one casino, then up your efforts in terms of deposits and game play and you should see more exclusive bonuses come your way. If you casino isn’t up to scratch then try looking around to find one which does offer VIP schemes to keep loyal members happy. Otherwise, keep regularly checking Online Casino Bonuses to see which sites have got the most generous offers on and get yourself signed up.



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