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Bingo is one of the most popular forms of gambling in both the UK and the United States of America (Get a €50 Welcome Bonus with Unibet bonus bingo offers). It’s believed to have its roots in Italy during the 1500s, before spreading its wings to France, Great Britain and other parts of Europe, and America, as time moved on and people move about.

The game’s main customers have ostensibly been middle-aged women, who start playing the game as a precursor to a night in the local club. In recent times the game has moved into the online casino and it is one of the rising stars of the online gambling world.

The online world used to be a scary place for the older technophobes, but all of that is becoming a thing of the past, as people realise how important technology in order to live our lives; this means that the demographic of people who now have access to a tablet, phone or computer is exceeding and covering all age groups.

The great thing about online bingo is the wide variety of games that are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Even when people settle down to see what Saint Nicholas has brought them, people are still playing online bingo. The online world has also made it easier to connect games to a much wider audience thus creating huge monster jackpots. It’s these massive payouts that attract people in the first place, and the more money that flies into the coffers the bigger these jackpots become.

There are also bingo games that are available to be played for free and it’s advantageous that you do so before playing for real money.

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