The Online Gambler’s Perpetual Problem: Online Casino Selection


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They say that in online poker, your game is only as good as the quality of the opposition you’re facing (quality opponents are obviously fish). Therefore, table selection is one of the most important aspects of the game. In online casino gambling, there aren’t any actual human opponents one has to face, but there is the house instead.

Every step of the way, the entity behind the virtual table, represented by the virtual dealer, is the house: the arch-opponent of the online gambler. Unlike some hapless poker players, the house is always well armed, capable and willing to take away players’ money.


Every online casino out there is different though, just as the personal preferences of every online gambler are different as well. Casino selection is the process during which a player determines which online casino suits his taste, playing style, budget and bonus needs the best. The sign-up bonus (together with any other bonus your casino will give you) is extremely important. Sure, sometimes it may seem unrealistically difficult to unlock, but it is the only weapon the player will ever be able to wield against the mighty house edge. The bottom line is that without a proper bonus deal, it doesn’t really make any kind of financial sense for players to gamble.

This is exactly why every player’s top priority should be the bonus. Sure there are other things that are important as well, like reputation and such, but those factors won’t even come up if you fail to find a casino that gives you a satisfactory bonus. The amount of the bonus is important too of course, but make sure you don’t fall into a trap here: there may be rogue operators out there who might use unrealistically generous bonuses as sucker-traps. Also, just because a bonus seems generous, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your hands on it too.

The redemption requirements are where the true value of the bonus hides. In the fine-print basically. Let’s see an example: suppose you’re a roulette player and that’s pretty much all you want to play online. You look for a casino with an attractive bonus, and charmed into registering, you make your deposit without reading through the fine print. When you do, you realize that bonus redemption is impossible on the roulette: it’s excluded. You’re left with two options: you can either try to cash out, dropping the transfer-related commissions, or you can go play something else. Since online gambling should always primarily be about having fun and not making money, the second option there is not really an option at all.

Exactly how steep the redemption requirements are is important too. In casino gambling, the house edge and the house drop that it induces work against you. The house drop has an extremely malicious characteristic too: the more you play, the larger it balloons. If the casino requires you to place too many bets to redeem your bonus, chances are you won’t ever be able to get your hands on it.

While most online casinos stick to regular bonuses, there are some out there which give their players poker rake rebate -like loyalty rewards. High rollers may even get to earn fabulously lavish rewards like poker props do. What is a prop? A poker player who essentially gets paid to play.

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