How Online Casino Games Evolved

The casino games scene has experienced a lot of change over the years. The games have evolved into versions of themselves that no one could have predicted a few years ago. This gaming industry has moved from being simple games which can only be played in the casino to games that can be played from the comfort of your home through online platforms’.



There are a variety of casino games at that can be played online with the choice mainly being a matter of the player and their capacity to interact with the platform. The games can either be free or will require that you pay using your credit card to access them. Free games can come as free slot games which can be played by anyone in the world as long as they have internet connection. Most of the free slot games are accessible on various platforms; Mac, Linux, Android and iOS systems. Free slot games have a trial run before one can deposit money and use the paid services.



Spectacular Online Casino Games



The first online casino game that we can examine is called Wizard of Oz. The game is very interactive and the players aim remains the same as the actual play in a casino. The game has a very graphic interface due to all the animated characters that color the game. The game has a cartoon and tales theme as is marked by the story line with the mythical characters who are involved. There are a variety of free rounds and bonuses that the player may receive throughout their playing round. The game generally has an extremely interesting and entertaining mood.



The second casino game that is commonly played from the comfort of home is called Blackjack. Blackjack has an option of being played for free or by using real money. When using the free version, some of the aspects may be limited. The game is a card game with the main aim of the game being for the player to come across almost twenty one points without going back again and at the same time have a higher value than the dealer of the cards. There are online tutorials that explain how the game is played and will act as a great manual for new players. This game is an interactive thinking kind of game since the player is forced to think critically about their choices throughout the whole game.



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The last and most interesting online casino is called the Russian roulette and is name after the famous actual game. As with the other games mentioned above the game can either be for free or one can deposit some money so as to play. However, there is a thrill that comes from playing with real money since the chance of winning actual money goes higher. This game is very dynamic and may have the most unexpected outcome. The aim of the game is simple, to bet on which number the ball will land on. This may seem simple but the variations from which one can bet on are very wide and will automatically have a dynamic turn out.





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