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Gambling online carries a whole bunch of advantages over live gambling and not all of these advantages are about accessibility. Brick and mortar casinos just cost a lot more, even if one subtracts the money spent on travel, accommodation, and who knows what else one will have to deal with in the world of live gambling.

In online casinos, even the house edges are smaller and the sign-up and various rake rebate - like loyalty bonuses have a lot do to with that. Every online casino gives its players some sort of a bonus-like reward. How does one know which of these bonuses are truly worthy though? Because it goes without saying: not all of them are. There are online gambling operations which use bonuses as sucker-bait, and there are operators out there which really do aim to build long-term relationships with their players and therefore offer valuable bonus deals.


The actual amount of bonus money advertised on the front pages of most online casino sites does not even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to determining the value of the bonus. Yeah, they may look nice and may attract a lot of attention, but when it comes to determining the true value of the bonus, the fine-print is what you’re really interested in. The bonus redemption requirements are where the truly useful information resides. And when I’m talking about useful information I mean information which will make or break your bonus.

Consider the following example: you’re a die-hard roulette maniac or just a recreational player fascinated by the roulette. The bottom line is that you join an online casino so that you can play roulette for real money. Nothing else really interests you. You may not be aware of this, but most online casinos do not allow their players to redeem their bonuses on roulette. The reason is a simple one: it is in the best interest of the casino to make its players play games where the house edge is huge. On roulette, by betting on red/black or odds/even, players are able to turn around vast quantities of money without taking peculiarly massive risks. That doesn’t bode well with the casino, so it excludes roulette from the list of games which are accepted for bonus redemption. If you sign up to one such casino, regardless of how attractive the bonus is made up to be, you won’t ever see a single cent of it, unless you’re willing to play keno and scratch cards instead of the roulette. The actual numbers which come with the redemption requirements are important as well. Some casinos make their bonuses so difficult to unlock, that players will never be able to get their hands on it profitably.

It is extremely important to secure a deal which offers some sort of a loyalty bonus. Sign-up bonuses expire/are unlocked, so they’re finite in nature. Loyalty deals on the other hand keep rewarding players as long as they play. They may come in the shape of re-deposit bonuses or disguised in some kind of other form, but they’re all extremely useful. High rollers will often be treated like poker props, who earn fabulous rake rebate percentages at online poker sites. The players who want to become a poker prop or online casino high rollers, have to be prepared to put a significant amount of time and money into the venture though.

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