What Types of Casino Bonuses are Available?


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Before playing in an online casino, most players would usually take into consideration the variety of bonuses a certain casino offers.


It is important for a player to understand the different types of casino bonuses because this will become an opportunity for players to choose the best casino that will cater to their needs. This article will provide you with the common types of casino bonuses available in the internet.

Here are the common types of casino bonuses that are being offered by casinos, be it online casinos or brick-and-mortar casinos.


Welcome/Signup Bonus

This type of bonus is for those who want to create new accounts. This type of bonus is usually the most common type of promotion used by online casinos. Some casinos offer 100% signup bonus to 125% signup bonus. Players can receive $100 to $500 as a signup bonus, but in order to avail this, you need to qualify with the wagering requirements of your respective casino.


No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus is definitely recommended for players who want to test the waters. Most players, especially beginners, only want to try out some of their favorite casino games or just want to practice their gambling skills. No deposit bonus allows players to enter a casino room without depositing any money. Although a player didn’t place any bet or wage, he/she will receive a bonus for entering any casino game. This type of bonus is definitely a brilliant way to start out. Just make sure though that you subscribe to an online casino that provides security not only to your money but also to your reputation.

Preferred Payment Method Bonuses

This type of bonus can be availed of by players who had the chance to use the casino’s electronic payment method to deposit money in your account. Some casinos offer 5% to 15% added bonus, and this amount will automatically be deposited in your account. Remember that if you wish to have bigger bonuses from this type, you’ll have to deposit a bigger amount.

Loyalty Bonuses

This type of bonus is for those players who have been with the casino for a long period of time. The players should achieve a higher level of seniority. The longer time you stay, the more bonuses you’ll receive plus higher percentage rates.

Reload Bonuses

This type of bonus is for those players who already have a real player account. Players will be encouraged to deposit more in order to play more. This type of bonus will never be a downside to players because they will receive at least $100 for your remaining deposit. If you want to play more, then this type of bonus is recommended for you.

High Roller Bonuses

This type of bonus is for high roller players at online casinos, and these are those who play with large amounts. High roller bonuses can go from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 125% bonus. The amount you’ll receive will depend on your remaining deposit. If you wish to receive higher bonus then you should avail these high roller bonuses.

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